Places to get Free Birthday Stuff For Your Birthday

It’s your birthday so why should you not get free stuff handed to you in celebration of you! Here are six common places you can get free stuff on your birthday!

1. Coffee

free coffee birthday

There are so many places that give out free coffee for your birthday including Starbucks. Here is our list of places to get free birthday coffee

2. Cake

Who wouldn’t like a free slice of cake on their birthday? Here is our list of 25 places to get free cake on your birthday.

3. Birthday Cards

free birthday cards

If you know someone with a birthday coming up why not send them a birthday card. Here are some places to get free birthday cards!

4. Burger

If you are a burger lover, get one free on your birthday by signing up with these popular burger places.

5. Cupcakes

free birthday cupcake

What’s better than cake? Cupcakes of course! Here are some places that you can get free cupcakes on your birthday

6. Subs

free subs birthday

If you’re a sub lover why not sign-up with these companies to get a free one on your birthday?

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